Google AMP is a new and surprising initiative. Let’s first explain what AMP is?

What is AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages?

It is a mini version of a website, which means that AMP pages are a kind of strapped version of a website by taking some elements off. Big photos, carousel slide shows, and other major items that either take space or involves javascript. It all started with Google noticing that mobile users almost surpassed desktop users. Mobile First is the main idea, so Google is almost giving higher priority to mobile users than desktop. We are not sure if this is official at this point, but looking at your web analytics you will find that mobile users are almost more than desktop users.

What is the idea behind AMP?

Using your Mobile phone to cruise the web is subject to network load in which may be slow at times. If you imagine that you are at a game and you tried to access the internet, you may find it a little slower. At this point, having a fast loading website will improve the general user’s experience and make your web visitors much satisfied. The main idea behind it is providing great service that is also valuable ( Good Content ). So, the big background or the attractive hero slideshow is not needed when someone just needs basic information without the extras.

How do you find out if your website is AMP Friendly?

Here is a great tool from Google

It will let you know if your website is AMP Friendly or not.

What do you do if your website is AMP Friendly?

The good news is :

There are plenty of plugins, extensions and solutions that will make an AMP version of your website. Feel free to contact us here at Clix Plus we will be able to help get your website to become AMP Friendly.