2019 best tips for SEO and Digital Marketing

Before diving into SEO and Digital Marketing, you need to hold your horses and take some needed steps.

Here are some of the best seo tips for 2019 that will put your marketing efforts on the right track.

I bought the domain and everything 🙂

You bought this domain, signed up for hosting and you are all ready to go. You want SEO, PPC and Social Media presence all done ASAP.

business man looking for seo companies


The Classic Motivated Entrepreneur

The classic motivated entrepreneur known to us as Mr./Mrs. want it all, fast and now. Before contacting SEO firms for seo services, you need to think first about your marketing strategy. At this point your online marketing knowledge ends here.


Hiring someone to do the Digital Marketing

You Need to Have Someone Take Over Digital Marketing at Some Point

In order to make your dreams a reality, many websites owners rush into SEO and PPC without previous experience.


We hear stories about business owners and startups who are fired up about SEO and generating leads from google. Rushing fast into an SEO campaign can lead to frustrations, super high costs and large turnover rate.

Addressing Your Digital Marketing Needs

digital marketing needs

Even with conducting keyword research and developing quality site content, internet marketing needs a digital strategy that can be only performed by an expert. We have put together a mini online marketing guide that will guide you to a better, affordable seo and stronger google ranking.



SEO Ranking in a nutshell.


Do some Website SEO Forensics


Before starting your search for the best affordable seo company, you need to find out if any previous SEO has been done to your website.

Many case studies on startup success stories have proven that performing seo checkup on your website can lead to better results, and shorter time span to get search engine optimization traffic.


Do not do SEO SERVICES twice !

There is no reason to pay for seo services when your website has been optimized already. If someone has added your website to directories, there is no reason to submit your website to another one.

do not over optimize your website

Overdoing SEO can lower your ranking

Too many directory submissions may yield no seo results. In fact, it may hurt your ranking. Your best approach is getting an SEO Audit service performed by a good seo company.

Only an expert seo can do it

Remember, that a qualified Search Engine Optimization expert can identify what has been done to your website. We don’t suggest using SEO Software or the one stop shop SEO Services website, as these companies may not pickup everything. Bottom line, manual SEO that is done by hand is the best and most effective.


When to Hire an SEO? How to Detect a Bad SEO Company

After performing a solid SEO audit on your website (done by an expert we hope), you will have to decide to either hire a SEO Company, or to keep things as they are.

Hire a seo agency that can provide you with a track record of high conversion rates and quality link building abilities.

Your other choice is to hire a SEO team and get an in-house internet marketing department. At the end of the day, your google analytics reports will let you know if you have made the right choice.

hiring a bad seo company

There are thousands of SEO Companies around the world now. All of them claim to be real experts in search engine optimization where you look no further.

Long Term SEO Results Vs Short Term

Some seo tactics including black hat seo may work for a short period of time, on the long term it will harm your online presence as your ranking in search engines will drop.

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The reality is: Not because they like SEO or want to become an SEO expert – does it make them an SEO expert by any means. Ironically, we are seeing a trend.


Hire the right seo


The classic new grad with high aspirations of becoming a seo master. You will find these guys offering branding, social media, startup strategy, seo, ppc and anything digital you can think of.

Our advice is:
Be very careful.


hiring the right seo company is key

You don’t want your new website to fall in the hands of a non-SEO Pro. They can destroy your website ranking in google before it even starts.

We have compiled a few questions that you need to ask Mr./MS./Mrs. SEO.


1) Have you had a website penalized by google before?


The answer should be a yes. Most seo experts had a website penalized by google in the past.


It all happened years ago, when Google cracked spam links and over optimized websites with keyword stuffing. Only the old school seo experts have witnessed it and not the social media generation.


2) The second question is: How long will it take to get my website to rank in Google?


The right answer is depending on how new the website is, and the competition and the region where you want to get business.


Also, your industry is either make it or break it. If your website competes with giants with 200 seo experts optimizing one website, it is very hard to compete against them, however there are tricks that can overcome this.


3) The third question is: How to create good content?


The right answer is: Go to your competition and find out. They have done the homework, invested in writers and have done a great job already.








SEO Starts With a Good Website Structure


In order to get the right SEO results, you need to design your website to be seo friendly. The right structure means using breadcrumbs, less JavaScript and less code in general. Fortunately, most newly designed websites are seo and mobile friendly.


SEO Structure


Any website built before 2017 needs to be redesigned again. A lot has changed including true mobile friendly, CSS and js minify and Grip compression.

seo structure


When it comes to the structure, you want to make sure that links are visible to search engines. In conclusion, the right website structure can boost your ranking by 15 to 20 positions on average. You will not find an old designed website ranking well anymore.


There are very good resources to find out how to create a site structure, that will enhance your seo by Neil Patel.

SEO is All About Valuable Unique Content


We are not talking about copy and paste or rewriting content, but we are talking about well researched and valuable content.

A good ranked website has unique content that is brought to the table.

Repeated content is nothing but boring, it will be indexed and listed by search engines but will not rank well. Maybe page 4 or 5 in Google, that’s about it.


Websites with unique and fresh content with above 2000 words articles and with photos rank better than 300-word articles. Not unless you are a leading news website, which we assume that you are not.


Web Design: Never attempt to design it yourself or use DO IT YOURSELF WEBSITE DESIGN.  Your Niece or Nephew should not design your website.



This is the ultimate plan to fail. Even though it looks nice and attractive with lots of bells & whistles, these websites hardly rank in search engines.


The structure is not SEO friendly; a good SEO Company will never advise you to design your own website. On & Off page SEO is almost nonexistent.


Website speed is terrible, let alone tons of unneeded code stuffed in it. Hard, if not impossible to migrate to another platform like WordPress or any other CMS.


Many startups and small businesses are tempted to design their own website and sadly lots of them fall for it. You will find the service that costs $10 to $15 a month. It will cost you thousands when you migrate the website if your website grows.




Local SEO: High converting leads and a low hanging fruit.

local seo

Your SEO Strategy begins with local SEO.

Five reasons why Local Search Engines Optimization is the first step towards serious ranking.


1) Customers prefer local companies.


2) Most Americans will not do business with a company outside their phone area code.


3) Easy to convert, living in the same time zone can be very beneficial. You will sell your products while other business in other locations are either closed for the day or did not even open for the day.


4) People associate local companies with lower pricing and affordability.


5) You will have web visitors from your local region which will boost your presence in google maps (Google my business) as well as Bing. Your website become a local leader in no time.



How Long will it take to get SEO Results?

A new website can take a few months to get good results. We assume that your content is 100% unique, fresh and it is 2000 words per post at a base minimum. With some quality and relevant backlinks (still on for 2019) you start ranking well in Google and Bing.

How long will the website take to rank? How long will it take to get results? These are the most common questions asked and the classic answer is:


Do you have 20 well written articles?


If the answer is yes, then it takes about 2 months. If the answer is no, then it takes 6 months and above. It’s easy to hire a recent graduate or a talented yuppy to write your content, but you will only get Instagram and Facebook posts that look good but no business. Just think twice before hiring the wrong SEO Company.

Yes, You Need Backlinks to Rank Better


Some SEO Professionals debate if backlinks are still valuable for better ranking. For the year 2019 and as of this date, backlinks are still on and they are super important. Let’s clarify this though.


Good backlinks are industry related backlinks. Buying backlinks from a relevant industry is perfectly fine.


However, getting backlinks from non-relevant industries will not have a solid effect and may be a waste of money. Simply, Google wants every website to be an expert and specialized in one area only.


We forgot to mention that the more niched your website, the stronger the ranking you get. Even with a little SEO work done on your website, you will still rank and not tank.


A very good resource that will teach you how to get quality backlinks is Backlinko. https://backlinko.com/backlinks-guide


The Truth about Social Media Leads

Almost all CEOs, CFOs, Marketing Directors and Small Business owners, they all love Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Even Snap Chat.

 social media

There is truth to it. One answer, that will no change much. It depends on what your product or service is. A restaurant, real estate, drug rehab will benefit from Facebook and Instagram while a mortgage, and banking service wouldn’t.


It doesn’t seem likely that someone will refinance a million-dollar home mortgage by looking at a Facebook ad.

Not unless they are desperate or have financial or home equity challenges. Quality leads are generated by industry niched web portals such as lendingtree.com and not using a FB ad. A recruitment agency can rely on LinkedIn and Facebook but not Snapchat.


It is very wise to hire an expert SEO/ SEM Consultant that can sort things out for you. We firmly believe in calculated risks and data driven digital marketing strategies.

About Website Speed and SEO : The new obsession

Yes, we’ve heard it a million times. Website speed. How fast is fast and how slow is slow? If your website gets visitors from different countries and your website has many images, or you host your own videos, then get a CDN.

website speed

CDN is a copy of your website that is published on thousands of servers across the globe. It is a great solution if your server is a little slow or your photos are very big.


The good news is

Most websites can load faster now. Thanks to the new technologies such as Image Stick and Smush It. If your website loads in 3 to 4 seconds, then you are fine. If it loads more than 5 seconds, then you need a good website speed plugin or even an expert that can speed up your loading speed.


Please note that the more plugins or applications that you have on your website the slower your website will be.


Also note: Check every plugin to see if it is causing a slowdown.

Google Apps can slow it a little bit, but not much. Only cheap made WordPress plugins are known to slow websites significantly. Gt Metrix is a good tool that will tell you if your website is slow or fast.


Visit Gt Metrix to learn how fast your website is: Mhttps://gtmetrix.com/

 seo in consulsion

In Conclusion: Hire the right SEO Expert or SEO Company only, and avoid the Social Media amateurs.

Clix Plus Digital SEO Marketing Company

There are lots of affordable seo companies out there that can help you with SEO. Not all affordable SEOs offer quality services, just stay away from the pretentious type, you will find that the market is saturated with them now.

Besides your instincts, you need to ask them the right questions, such as ask them what strategies they have used.

If the first answer is Social Media, then you know they are the wanna be type. They will create attractive posts on Facebook and Instagram without any results.

Even if they have thousands of followers, it is still obsolete if they are not going to buy anything.

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In Conclusion: Hire the right SEO Expert or SEO Company only and avoid the Social Media amateurs.

There are lots of affordable seo companies out there that can help you with SEO. not all affordable seo’s offer quality services. Just stay away from the pretentious type. The market is saturated with them now. Besides your instincts, you need to ask them the right questions. Ask them what strategies they have used. If the first answer is Social Media, then you know they are the pretentious want to be type. They will create attractive posts on Facebook and Instagram without any results. Even if they have thousands of followers, it is still obsolete if they are not going to buy anything.