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How to Get Flawless Foundation in 5 Easy Steps

We all want to wake up and jump out of bed looking gorgeous, put together, and with not one flaw showing. Now, in an idealistic fantasy world this would be the case however the reality is that we all have days with breakouts.

Don’t fear, there is a way to look flawless and natural, as if you don’t have any on at all. Let’s take a look at the steps needed to get that smooth natural look.

1. Skincare Prep

 First and foremost, prep your skin beforehand. No amount of makeup will turn out flawless without taking this first key step.

Cleanse your skin with a product suited towards your skin type. Next, gently exfoliate your skin, including your neck. Lastly, use a daytime moisturizer on your face and neck, let it set into your skin so there’s no residue.

2. Wear a Shade That Suits Your Skin Tone

It’s crucial that you pick a shade that matches your tone. Most personal care and beauty stores will help you find the perfect foundation by trying it out before buying it.

Don’t try it on the back of your hand-your hand and face are a different color-however, test it on your jawline. Be sure to apply your makeup in an area with lots of natural lighting.

3. Apply with a Beauty Blender

Apply your foundation where you need it the most, it could be the T-zone or allover, including taking it down the jawline to your neck.

Use a damp, cool beauty blender to get consistent blended coverage. The moisture will help to smooth the foundation and the coolness of it will help keep your pores closed.

4. Swipe on Your Concealer

 Now’s the time to put on concealer, if you wear it. Dot it on your pimples to hide those irritating bumps or apply on the dark circles under your eyes.

Make sure you blend in gently, taking care not to tug on the delicate area under your eyes as it’s susceptible to wrinkles.

5. Use a Translucent Setting Powder

The last step is setting your powder with a lightweight loose powder which will absorb any oils.

For application use a powder puff or a big fluffy brush, whatever you prefer. Tap your brush lightly to get rid of any extra powder then gently apply it to your skin.

There you have it-smooth, flawless foundation set for the whole day.