You put an ad on google ads or Facebook, you spent a lot of money on keywords, then you asked your sales if there any sales from these ads. If the sales answer is no, then you need some conversion rate optimization known as CRO. What CRO does is optimizing ads, keywords, landing pages or even time of the day that will yield more web conversions. like SEO is for websites CRO is optimization for paid ads such as Google Ads ( Formally known as Google Adwords) as well as Facebook ads.


Conversion Rate Optimization ( CRO) is similar to Search Engine Optimization in the sense that variables get modified or altered to deliver better results.

CRO refers to optimizing the conversion rate. A conversion rate is your ad closing percentage meaning how many clicks did it take to get one lead. For example, if some your paid ad had delivered 20 clicks to your website or webpage and no one contacted you or called your business that means your conversion rate is zero.

conversion rate optimization cro

How does CRO Work?

If your ad had triggered 20 clicks and your website received 3 leads or contacts, that means your conversion rate is 15%.

Why do you need a CRO Expert?

Paying all this money on PPC campaigns is basically worthless if you don’t generate leads of them. We believe the main idea behind paid ads whether this google ad or Facebook ad is to generate leads or to get more business, without tracking your ads you will be second guessing everything as you don’t know if the ads are performing or are it just a sudden spike in traffic for some other reason.

What does a CRO Expert do?

An expert CRO is able to look at your ad campaigns, checks your ads for quality, keywords usage and even looks at your landing page in order to determine what is hindering your campaign from getting leads or closing business. Contact us and let’s take a look at your website and see if we can help you.

Better CRO = More Leads + Less Spend

CRO done by Experts Only.

Unlike other Digital Marketing agencies, we never allow any amateur to touch your ad campaigns. You don’t want your paid ads budget to be in the hands of a rookie. It will costs you thousands per month when it is avoidable. Have one of clixplus conversion rate optimization specialists diagnose your campaigns and you will see higher conversion rate and lower pay per click spent.

Want more conversions?

Our ConversionĀ  Rate Optimization experts are ready as well


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