Pay Per Click

PPC & Paid Ads

Paid Ads Campaign Account Management services. We will manage your Paid Ads Account for you. Clix Plus will setup  Google Ads or Facebook Business Ads Account including you Campaigns, Adsets and Ads. Keywords and Placement Display in Google Ads.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you have a website it is very likely that you have heard the term PPC or what is known as Pay Per Click.  What is it? In very simple terms, it is a form of advertising that allows you to buy top positions for relevant keywords on search engines. By using a pay per click campaign, you can reach your target audience in a variety of ways. We offer customized Pay Per Click campaigns to drive traffic to your site. There is more than one ad type. One of the most popular types is the Search ads and Display Ads. Other ad types include smart ads, click to call ads as well as videos ads.  Not every ad type will work for every business. Clix Plus goes through an Ad testing and discovery phase in which we built, test and optimizes ad until they deliver results.

PPC Account Management by Experts.

Find the right PPC Account Management Company is a job as it is. Unlike most of Digital Agencies, we will never allow nonexperts to manage your PPC Campaigns and we will not take this chance. Managing Pay Per Click or any Paid Ads account requires a minimum of 5 years experience as the results are enormous in either way.

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