Ever wondered how website appear on the first page while others appear in other pages?  You have to click next to see more results. The main reason why a website appears on page one is SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. Clix Plus is an expert SEO SERVICES provider located in Irvine Orange County Calif. We optimize the website to rank well in Search Engine including Google, Bing, and others. Clix Plus services extend beyond SEO, full services Digital Marketing Agency including PPC also knows as Paid Search or Placement Services.

SEO SERVICES that is 2019 friendly


Local SEO is optimizing a website for local search in your area. Using zip code, location tracking using GPS Local SEO  is beneficial for small businesses. Part of the tasks includes Local Citations. Online reputation websites such as Yelp, Google my business formally Google my places. Our Local SEO SERVICES can boost your local ranking.

NAP Local Listings

Local online marketing using bing my business. Business NAP AKA Name Address and Phone must be present and ready. Using brick and mortar address is recommended as Google and Bing may want to confirm your business legitimacy. At Clix Plus we will ensure that your NAP and other local data is consistent.


SEO Forensics

Many websites had fell victims of bad search engine optimization practices such as spamming, bad backlinks, affiliate website and to many ads to name a few.

Not All SEO Consultants are the same

Many inexperienced SEO consultants claim knowledge of SEO after reading a few articles about SEO. They try to over optimize a website by stuffing the page with keywords; others choose a domain name as the keyword they like to rank for. Others use forum and directories to get ahead.

Old SEO vs Modern SEO

All the old methods of SEO directly do not work anymore. At Clix Plus, we help clients recover from significant search engine penalties including Google Penalty. We also provide manual research and an in-depth audit to determine what took place. We attempt to detoxify the website from bad links and disavow them if need be.

No Automated SEO Here

After the complete SEO Forensics is done, we do advise our clients the next step that they should do. Buying an SEO Service for few dollars will not get a website ranked point blank. It takes months of hard work to rank a site.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is basic tasks, to name a few page speed, Schema Markup and AMP aka Accelerated Mobile Pages which is new as an SEO ranking factor in 2019 — validating your in google search console, adding the right tags without over optimizing your website.

New SEO Factors 2019

There are over 200 factors that major search engines use to rank a site. Google makes changes without giving heads up to prevent manipulation. The new modern SEO is all about good content and ease of use as well as website loading speed. Technical search engine optimization remains the cornerstone of getting a website ranked higher than other websites.

International SEO

Targeting website visitors speaking another language or country than yours is International SEO. Some of the methods that we use is hiring a native speaker of this language to translate the English content into the targeted language.

SEO and Localization

Some plugin in WordPress CMS use WPML to translate the current content, other CMS’s or HTML website can manually have another version in a different style. International SEO and Localization are not the same where the last is more technical than INTL SEO. Targeting website visitors than speak another language can attract more web visitors to your website.

Same SEO but in another language

Along with using the right keywords and regular optimization and coupled with speed optimization and other SEO tasks, then the sky is the limit. Having more than two languages can boost your ranking in Google. Clix Plus works with International Clients and can help with your multinational marketing goals.

Finding the right SEO Agency.

Finding the right SEO Agency is a job as it is. We understand how valuable your website is and how hard you worked on it. Unlike most of  SEO Agencies, we will never allow rookies to touch your sites or your campaigns. Our SEO consultants are an old hand in the game. We have been in website ranking space since it all started. By now we have uncovered what works and what doesn’t. Hire Clix Plus as your next SEO Agency and get ranked higher in Google and Bing. Knowledge pays us well like we have helped clients that were on page 11 to rank on page one in Google was not done out of luck, but because of our consistent learning and hands on. If you are looking for faster results, refer to our PPC Services for more informtion

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